Oneness Organisation offers internships to young people in various fields including Project Design, Graphic Design, Volunteer Engagement, Public Relations, Fundraising, Content Writing and others.

Also, you can find all certificates issued by ONENESS for our volunteers who helped us in our projects.

NameRole/ Type of CertificateInternship Duration/ Issue DateDownload
Shivani RanaGraphic DesignerSept 2021Certificate
Sharika SantoshGraphic Designer July 2021Certificate
Dhruvin RometraProject Out-Reach DesignerApril 2017 – June 2017Certificate
M Thanuj KumarProject LeadJuly 2016Certificate
Atresh SomayajulaProject Design & ExecutionNovember 2016Certificate
Prabhu Kumar ReddyLORSeptember 2016LOR
Dhruvin RometraLORApril 2017 – June 2017Letter Of Recommendation
Ankit KumarLORApril 2017 – June 2017Letter Of Recommendation
Vishnu VardhanProject ExecutionSeptember 2017Certificate
Mani Prateep KPublic Relations Co-ordinatorJan 2018Certificate
Mani Prateep KLORJan 2018Letter